Sep 05 2018

(RetroMadrid2018) 4- and 8-bit pioneers: the creation of the microprocessor [the talk I couldn’t give]

(Also available in Spanish. Use the language switch)
Please find a video (in Spanish) of a talk I planned to give in RetroMadrid 2018 (a Spanish event for retrocumputing), but that eventually I got sick and I could not attend. The talk covers the following points:

  • Review of my previous talk (history of 6502) in RetroMadrid 2017.
  • Origin of Intel 4004.
    • Highlight: The role of Japan in the creation of the first comercial microprocessor on 1 single chip.
    • Highlight: Two genius Dos genios en acción: Masatoshi Shima y Federico Faggin.
  • Was the Intel 4004 the first microprocessor? We will revisit the definition the definition of microprocessor and cover some microprocessor contemporary to 4004.
    • Highlight: I think that there were other microprocessor prior to Intel 4004 (my personal opinion).
  • Texas Instruments: a 45 years old secret.
  • Relationship of Intel with: Zilog, Motorola, MOS Technology, ARM, etc.
  • Yes, I like Star Wars 🙂


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