Category: History

Jun 06 2019

A telegram about the datagram: Short history of OSI

Short history of OSI This post is based on the article  “The Internet that wasn’t” by  Andrew L. Russell [Russell13] published in IEEE Spectrum in 2013. The author is Assistant Professor of History at the Stevens Institute of Technology, N.J., USA and he wrote a prior article in 2006 about OSI history [Russell06] and felt …

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Feb 01 2019

Torres Quevedo and the first computer

(originally published in Spanish in November 2018) I am in the middle of intensive reading up on the inventions of Leonardo Torres Quevedo, and, even though is a bit early, I would like to share my findings, especially those related with the world of computing. Additionally, I am Spanish and I talk all the time …

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Oct 08 2018

Total recall: “6502: igniting the digital revolution” (2017)

The 6502 was pure magic out of transistors. The creators of this microchip are truly digital heroes that achieved the unthinkable: creating a low-cost microprocessor in 1975 that shaped the electronic industry. This device was used in legendary machines, such as Atari VCS 2600, Apple II, Commodore 64, Nintendo Famicon, etc. An animated GIF is …

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